Nuclear reactor off again at Torness

Torness Power Station
Torness Power Station
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A NUCLEAR reactor at a power station has again been switched off following testing at the plant.

Reactor one at Torness power station, near Dunbar, was taken “offline” at 2pm today – for the third time in a fortnight.

Operator EDF Energy said there were “no safety, health or environmental impacts” as a result of the development.

It is understood station bosses switched the reactor off after an alarm sounded during testing.

Station director Paul Winkle said: “During testing of the reactor protection system, reactor one automatically shut down. We test this system, which is very sensitive, on a regular basis to prove the reactor will always shut down when required.

“As usual, our operations team took prompt action, putting safety first.

“Cooling to the reactor was maintained at all times and there were no safety, health or environmental impacts.

“The reactor will be returned to power as soon as testing is satisfactorily completed.”

The reactor has twice previously been shut down after a safety alert was triggered.

The incidents come just weeks after £30 million was spent on the same reactor to get it back online.

The plant, which is now 25 years old, was shut down in 2013 when an upsurge in seaweed sparked fears it could clog the cooling water intake system.