Old and New Town included in Google cultural archive

The site includes photos, video and 3D models of city landmarks
The site includes photos, video and 3D models of city landmarks
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THEY are already globally renowned as World Heritage Sites and now they’ve been lured into Google’s web.

The Old and New Towns have been selected by the internet giant to feature in its new World’s Wonders project.

Alongside the ruins of Pompeii and the Ancient Kyoto temples, the Capital will be showcased in the directory of culturally significant sites, which goes live tomorrow.

The project, which uses Google Street View technology to allow users to virtually explore 132 historic sites from 18 countries, aims to preserve World Heritage Sites for future generations.

Google said Edinburgh’s beauty made it an obvious choice to be included, while city leaders said the tourism industry would benefit.

The search engine’s Laurian Clemence said: “Because Edinburgh is such a beautiful city, it was really a no-brainer to choose it.

“The project is educational and promotes cultural sites online, that’s its main aim.

“Everyone wishes they could have seen the Seven Wonders of the World, this is our way in which we can bring people closer to cultural sites that they might not be able to visit.”

As well as Google’s 3D models and YouTube videos of the “wonders”, the new website will also feature official information and photos.

Educational packages will be available to download for classroom use.

Euan Leitch, assistant director of heritage body the Cockburn Association, said: “This is going to reinforce Edinburgh’s cultural value within the world.

“People will be able to look at something that is of value to the population of Scotland and also to the whole planet.

“Hopefully, it will bring people to Edinburgh and to places which are not necessarily within the city centre.”

The city council’s economic development convener, Councillor Tom Buchanan, said: “It’s a fantastic accolade.

“As well as boasting some of the world’s finest and best-preserved architecture in our Old and New Towns, the wealth and breadth of historic and cultural landmarks make Edinburgh a must-see destination.”

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