One Direction film: City cinemas hand out earplugs

Earplugs will be offered to counter the expected levels of screaming in the screens. Picture: Joey Kelly
Earplugs will be offered to counter the expected levels of screaming in the screens. Picture: Joey Kelly
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CINEMA bosses are handing out earplugs to parents accompanying their One Direction-crazy offspring to screenings of the boybands’ new film.

More than 200 shows of One Direction: This Is Us 3D are planned a week across the city’s multiplexes with thousands of Directioners – as their fans are known – expected to view the flick.

The demand has resulted in Vue Cinemas, which operates at Ocean Terminal and the Omni Centre, ordering 20,000 pairs of earplugs to combat the expected high-levels of screaming and shouting in the auditoriums during the screenings.

Charlie Clarey, Vue Entertainment partnerships and promotions manager, said: “The anticipation for this film has been phenomenal, however with lots of parents and chaperones also attending the screenings, and in keeping with our commitment to providing the best possible experience to all our customers, we are providing free earplugs on a first come, first served basis.

“This will ensure anyone worried about potentially high-decibel screaming around them can enjoy the gig-like atmosphere and live concert footage at ease – and in a way they simply can’t get at home.”

Both Odeon and Cineworld have also confirmed 37 and 44 weekly screenings respectively, from 11am to 9pm each day. We revealed last week how fans will be able to sit down to watch the film every 20 minutes across the Lothians.

Directed by Super Size Me documentary maker Morgan Spurlock, 42, the film has been hyped up for months.

Fans of the band are known for hysterical reactions to their idols and utter devotion, as highlighted by Angel Kirkland, from Leith, Holly Nichol, from Tollcross and Courtney Scott, from Leith, all 16, who were only too happy to pose for a photograph in the hope the band “might see it”.

Angel said: “I’m very excited to watch the film. I’ve already been to see them in concert in London and Manchester and I’ve got tickets to see them at Murrayfield next year too.”

Holly also attempted to explain just what it is that fuelled 1D’s rise to global domination.

She said: “They’re just a bunch of normal guys. They’re the same as us. They went to school and then all of a sudden they were massive.”

Courtney added: “They really understand their fans and they’re appreciative of just what we have done for them.”

Another devotee, Triona Fisher, 19, of Musselburgh, said: “I think my friends and I might go and see it more than once.”

This Is Us – which features concert footage and exclusive behind the scenes access – is predicted to make £40-60 million worldwide.

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