‘Alex Mackie’s responses are a must-read’

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WHEN the Evening News first revealed that Alex Mackie and the Foundation of Hearts was bidding for control of the club, there was a mixture of excitement and nerves among Tynecastle faithful.

While the idea of the club firstly surviving and then being owned by the fans was undoubtedly an attractive one, it came with a whole host of unanswered questions.

How would it work? What about the debt? Who are the people behind the consortium and what are their motivations? Would the team stay at Tynecastle?

Today, we know a little bit more.

Mr Mackie agreed to answer questions from fans through the Evening News and his responses are a must- read for every Jambo.

They will not answer every single concerns fans will have about any possible takeover bid, that would be impossible at this stage. However they do show a willingnes from Mr Mackie to be as open and honest as possible about the Foundation’s plans. In the world of football takeovers, this is certainly refreshing.

The principles which he lays out, including staying at the club’s spiritual home, will be widely popular.

The big unanswered question - one which no one can answer right now - is whether the fans can raise enough money to meet Vladimir Romanov’s demands.

The amazing response of supporters so far has to give grounds for optimism, but raising the many millions that will be needed will require an unprecedented commitment from fans.

It would certainly be fantastic to see the club in the control of its supporters, not just for football fans but for the wider good of the city, what a community asset it would be. Good luck to everyone involved.

Festive fun

FOR those who are trying to avoid all talk of Christmas, look away now. Edinburgh’s winter wonderland is about to kick-off, with organisers promising it will be bigger and better than ever.

It certainly looks like a fantastic offering – even if the decision to put a tree in the middle of the ice rink raises a few health and safety 

The winter festival has become a real draw for Edinburgh, bringing in visitors and shoppers to the city centre and helping to boost tram-hit retailers.

But most importantly it is something which everyone in the city can go along and enjoy, soaking up the atmosphere in the run-up to the big day. If you are not in the Christmas spirit yet, you soon will be.