Alison Craig: Festival is All Right Now air guitars are out

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Although the launch of the Festival is more than two months away, a wee heads up that you can buy tickets for this year’s Fringe now.

Being a general lump, I never quite get it together to buy tickets in time and I am usually skulking around the box office looking for returns. But not this year. This year I am getting a head start – or, to be more accurate, a head-banging start.

At the weekend, round at a friend’s house for tea, we had a dancing frenzy when someone plugged in their iPod. We started with a few disco classics, then we threw caution to the wind and thrashed about to some rock, including All Right Now, Freebird and Layla. Standing in the middle of the kitchen floor playing air guitar, taking turns over the solos and laughing like drains – it was brilliant.

The next day, as I lay quietly sipping water, rubbing my sore neck and grinning recalling the previous night’s shenanigans, Di texted me.

“There’s an air guitar show on at the Fringe this year – let’s go!”

Thinking she was joking, I Googled it. And joy of joys she’s right. Airnadette. It sounds barking.

Apparently, three of the guys – Moche Pitt, Chateau Brutal and Gunther Love – met at the Air Guitar and Hairbrush championships, hit it off and decided to formulate a show. They’ve played New York and loads of European festivals, but never Edinburgh. Until now.

Reviews are great, saying: “It takes all the best stuff you’ve heard from the moment you were born, makes it funny and delivers it live.”

Well, guess who is going to be sitting in the front row of the Underbelly on July 31 on the opening night, imaginary plectrums at the ready, in case they want a bit of audience participation? Correct. Us dafties. See you there.

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