Alison Craig: Sailing into sunset to fulfil dream

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DID you ever lie awake at night and make plans? Plans of turning your back on a conventional life and heading to the sun to follow your dream?

I have, but somehow the annual two-week holiday topped up my need for sunshine and has kept the dreams at bay.

Two dear pals, John and Lyn, from Edinburgh have had such dreams for years but this very year, this very month it makes the transition from fantasy into reality.

Years ago they went to Croatia and fell in love. With the country. With the people. And each other again.

Lifelong sailors, their fantasy was to work hard for as long as it took, save money and buy a boat.

The boat was to be their business and for three or four months visitors could charter it for a day to explore the beautiful waters around Hvar, off Split, reputedly the most beautiful in the world.

Tom Cruise, Beyonce and other A-listers have been clocked here recently, too.

Well, jubilations, they have done it. It took time, a long time, but they found the right boat, wrangled with the red tape and purchased it while also ensuring that their winter lives in Edinburgh will still work!

Stressful and exhilarating, it’s not all been plain sailing as three years ago John broke his leg badly skiing in Austria and needed several ops and a year to recover.

Temporarily scuppered, it would have been too easy to give up, but as he slowly recuperated the focus was back and late last year they found Nera, their 42ft sailing boat, set up their company and they haven’t stopped smiling since.

This month they pack their bags and head off to realise that dream. I can’t tell you how excited we all are watching this lifelong plan coming to fruition for two wonderful people.

So bon voyage, you two.

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