Alison Craig: Trek to cinema is an assault on the senses

Benedict Cumberbatch is John Harrison and Chris Pine is Kirk in Star Trek
Benedict Cumberbatch is John Harrison and Chris Pine is Kirk in Star Trek
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Long gone are the days when the school hall was laid out with chairs and we would be filed in, sat down and then the curtains on the stage would open and a projector screen would be revealed.

The annual treat. A film.

In light of how we get films delivered to us now this sounds like it could have been in the 1930s but it wasn’t – it was the 1970s in Aberdeen. We were really tiny and it was frankly thrilling to watch The Ugly Dachshund by Disney in the room where you had to endure assembly each morning.

That all came flooding back to me as we went off to experience the latest IMAX 3D extravganaza at Cineworld the other day. Having bought tickets on one of the discount websites, off we went. The long-suffering husband, me, our son and his girlfriend. As we sat down, having been issued our ridiculously large black 3D glasses – though to be honest they reminded me of a pair of Wayfarers I wore proudly in the 1980s – the film began. From the second the sound blasted on it was a rollercoaster assault on the senses. The 3D effects are great. And seeing the most handsome man in the cinema, Chris Pine, the new Captain Kirk, 60 feet tall isn’t too bad either. The aliens leaping out at you and the sheer scale, noise and cleverness of the whole thing was amazing.

At one point I took off my specs and looked around. It was like the Quatermass Experiment, lines and lines of people in large glasses, mouths open, staring in one direction. By the end of it I felt wrung out, elated, and on standing up again a little dizzy. I felt like I had been on the Starship Enterprise. Phew. Live long and prosper.