‘Are cuts starting to have an impact on NHS service?’

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SO far most Scots have yet to see the direct impact of public spending cuts on their daily lives.

Many have seen their quality of life diminished a little by the 
closure of valued community facilities, like Leith Waterworld, for instance. Others have suffered the trauma of being told their job is on the line.

But for most people it has 
remained on the whole an abstract idea – part of the political debate surrounding the mind-boggling 
proportions of our national debt.

Apart from worrying about our own job security, or that of our loved ones, the biggest fear for the vast majority is that essential services upon which we rely will begin to 

And the one service we worry about more than any other is the NHS.

The politicians know this, of course. That is why the SNP has made such a play of protecting health spending.

Yet despite this pledge the mounting pressures on the health service mean that NHS Lothian is planning cuts totalling £27m this year.

The increase in patients being moved out of intensive care simply to make space for someone who is more seriously ill – rather than because a doctor believes it is in their best interests – is a very serious 

Is this the start of the cuts having an impact on the services which we most value? Only time will tell.

But this is a trend which must be reversed if the Scottish Government is to convince the public that it is successfully defending the 

First over the line

There is more evidence, as if it was needed, today that 
Edinburgh must now take the initiative in the row over honouring our Olympic heroes.

Other cities across the country seem perfectly able to organise homecoming parades for their athletes and have done so without delay or concern of treading on the toes of national celebrations planned for after the Paralympics.

The decision to stage the 
Scotland-wide event in Glasgow next month is, of course, not going to be reversed, so the city council must 
instead act now and get in first while the goodwill and enthusiasm 
generated by the Games is still present.

Edinburgh in Festival time is the perfect setting to welcome Sir Chris back home as the UK’s greatest ever Olympian.

Let’s get the wheels in motion and get this party planned.