‘Are the city’s motivations all positive?’

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There are few more annoying things than witnessing another motorist jump a queue of traffic by driving up a bus lane. And we know that it is rare for such drivers to be caught and prosecuted.

So, on the face of it, moves by Edinburgh City Council to introduce measures to snare such drivers have to be welcomed. The deterrent effect of the cameras and the potential fine should ensure that rules are observed more often.

However, what we don’t know at present is whether the city council’s motivations are all positive.

Yes, it wants to keep our Greenways clear. Yes, it wants to ensure fairness on our roads.

But is there a revenue-raising motive, too?

Of course, this is denied but it is a fair question to ask.

When parking in the city was decriminalised in the 1990s, the local authority introduced wardens – the so-called Blue Meanies – who were clearly driven by securing penalty notices. This led to anger on the streets and legendary tales of drivers being unfairly penalised.

So when the motorist who has to turn left across a bus lane to access a side road receives a ticket will the council act quickly to cancel the ticket and take account of the issue?

Will the law-abiding motorist whose wheel strays into the Greenway for a few yards be given the benefit of the doubt?

Or will the council act like it did with parking and defend a system at all costs?

A total of 3600 motorists caught in just three weeks during a pilot suggests that the council could net significant return.

It is how this system is policed and operated that will ultimately answer the question: is this cash-strapped council in this for a bit of extra revenue?

Fan-tastic Sam

Sam Martinez has seen most things in his 102 years on this planet, including his beloved Hibs beating the mighty Barcelona and Real Madrid.

But one thing that he has yet to see, despite following his team up and down the country, is the Hibees winning the Scottish Cup.

Although he won’t be there in person at Hampden, preferring to watch the game from the comfort of his favourite supporters’ club, he will be roaring them on as passionately as anyone.

When Sam says he is “so glad to be alive” to see Hibs bid to overturn their cup hoodoo, it reminds you what the day is all about – the fans.

We can only hope that he and his fellow supporters enjoy their big day, whatever the result.