Audrey Birt: I’m proud to stand for my city

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MY 2015 began watching the fireworks and later a brisk, blustery walk in Edinburgh’s Inverleith Park.

Our dog Cara, undaunted by the weather, was joyfully racing around in the park, while we marvelled at the stunning view of the city I love and am fortunate to call my home.

My 2015 also began with a new challenge.

I have studied and worked as a nurse and been director of a breast cancer charity here in Edinburgh and have got to know our people, cared for them, campaigned for them in both Westminster and Holyrood and now I would be proud, too, to represent them.

So it’s an honour to be standing for selection for the SNP in the seats of North and Leith and East Edinburgh.

There is no doubt that 2014 was the beginning of a call for change, not just in constitutional matters but in our society too. I heard calls for more justice and equality, for more connection, compassion, community and more trust in people to know their own solutions.

I want those things too, to have a more socially just, fairer, more prosperous Scotland as a result.

All my experience in the Yes campaign and over the last 20 years campaigning in health charities has taught me how to approach this and crucially what really matters to people.

I have successfully campaigned in Westminster and Holyrood and believe I can use this experience to ensure Scotland has a louder voice. I’m a mum, a daughter, a wife and all those experiences in life have shaped me.

I’m also a breast cancer survivor and that too has influenced me; it’s made me resilient, unafraid of the unimportant, and it’s taught me that if I truly believe in something to give it my all.

That’s why I’m standing in Edinburgh to represent my people, my city, my nation.

• Audrey Birt is director of Breakthrough Breast Cancer