Brexit: If leaders like Ruth Davidson step aside why should rest of us care? – Hayley Matthews

Some may call me stupid; the political enthusiast may call me ignorant; however, I call it not having enough time or the will to sit and go through every tiny detail of the chaos that is the world’s politics.

Saturday, 5th October 2019, 6:00 am
It's hard to follow the twists and turns of the Donald Trump impeachment saga. Picture: AP

With Brexit on the near horizon and the teasing of Trump finally being impeached, I just can’t take any of it seriously any more. Yes, the parallel catastrophes that are Trump and Brexit have left me even more aghast as time goes on.

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Ruth Davidson passed me the other day in the street and as she walked by I couldn’t help but feel she looked relieved.

It was nice to see she looks well, but if she’s had enough and checked out (and she’s made of strong stuff) then why should the rest of us care? It’s all just become a big Punch and Judy show to most of us.

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It’s all become too complicated and if the die-hard politicians are starting to become unsure of what lies ahead or how we fix it, then what hope does anyone else have of working it all out or feeling confident with the future of our world politics?

It should be simple, transparent, fair and easy to follow. It is so unpredictable that I’m sitting typing this today and wondering what state things will be come Saturday when the paper is published. Who knows we may have no Trump and no Boris by then.

Now there’s a thought!