Catch Worbey and Farrell’s Duff concerto at Usher Hall - Fiona Duff

Did you read that story a couple of weeks ago on the website of this esteemed journal about a couple of musicians putting the Edinburgh Evening News to music?

Thursday, 21st November 2019, 6:00 am

If not, why don’t you google Boozy Pianists (there’s a delicious cocktail at the Dome that was named in their honour last year!) and you’ll read all about it. You’ll also be able to hear the piece of music.

Now, I haven’t had a drink named after me, but I know Worbey and Farell, the brilliant pianists that you can see next Thursday at the Usher Hall, and they put my name to music.

It has a kind of tango sound and is rather exotic. I don’t feel very much like a lady from Argentina, but if I put a rose between my teeth and dye my hair black I might be able to pull it off. Although I think that all might be a bit drastic.

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However, what I have to say when it comes to having something bespoke in your own piece of music is something else.

I mean, rich men can go to Saville Row and get a suit made to measure, and their wives can pop along to an atelier in Paris for a ballgown. Those born to noble families have a personalised coat of arms and my son has a natty pair of socks knitted for him by his granny. But not one of those billionaires, Lords, Earls or my son has music composed, based on the letters in their name.

In a world that is becoming more homogenised every day, it’s more difficult to stand out from the crowd. You see an actress at a film premier wearing a bespoke dress and a couple of days, at the most, later there will be copies for sale on the internet.

What I can’t understand is when the Duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex are spotted carrying a handbag you can bet your bottom dollar that it will sell out within minutes. Why on earth would someone want to do that?

And do you remember when Jennifer Aniston first appeared on Friends? The Rachel cut (named after her character for the three people out there who have never seen the series) suddenly became the most requested hair style around.

Of course, just looking at it you would know that it would be a right pain to upkeep – fine if you have a hairdresser to greet you on set every morning, but not so great when you’ve got 10 minutes to get dressed, have a cup of tea and brush your teeth before going to work. For goodness sake – just get a sensible bob cut and everything will be fairly easy.

I see it with my children (or at least one of them) when they need to have a specific phone or pair of trainers. The chappie in the O2 shop says that they don’t have i-Phones because they are over-priced and lots of others do better work, but she can’t be seen not to be part of that network.

So next week I might see you at the Usher Hall and one of you might join me in having your name personalised in a piece of music, because that is what Worbey and Farrell promise to do during the evening.

And then I suppose I won’t be quite as special as I am right now.