Colin Montgomery: Fife’s answer to Mariah Carey

The late great George Michael (Picture: AFP/Getty)
The late great George Michael (Picture: AFP/Getty)
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It’s about now that Yuletide ditties start torturing your ears 24/7. I keep praying it will be the last Christmas for ‘Last Christmas’ but alas, old George is bringing in the royalties, even though he’s shuffled off to the big gig in the sky.

Then, from a workmate, I got wind of a refreshingly old-school alternative in the shape of Brothers Fife.

They’re a singer-songwriter duo originally from the Kingdom who turn out a festive tune every year. This year’s offering is called A Little Love for Christmas and it comes complete with a charmingly daft amateur video.

It’s gentle stuff – think the Proclaimers done by the two blokes down the boozer – but for me, it hits the spot by not taking itself too seriously.

If you need to counteract a week of Mariah Carey, you should check them out on YouTube.