Gary Flockhart: Welcome to world of Twitterati

WAITING for a flight at Barcelona’s El Prat airport - waiting a lot longer than anticipated thanks to a delay - I think of ways to alleviate the boredom; for instance, re-read the only book I’ve brought, people watch, have a coffee, sleep.

Still bored, I do what I always said I never would - I sign up for Twitter.

I’m surprised how simple it is to get going, and within five minutes I’m ready to tweet.

A week later, I’m hooked on the damn thing. Surprising, actually, because I remember giving it a try a few years ago to see what all the fuss was, and I wasn’t impressed.

Back then I checked out the accounts of Lily Allen, Pete Doherty and Mike Skinner, and came to the conclusion that while we like to think celebs lead riveting lives, brimming with excitement and derring-do, they don’t.

Well, maybe Pete does, but on the whole I felt Twitter was showing up just how mundane and downright dull most celebs day-to-day existences are.

And now? Having returned to the social network site and become a Twitter sensation (I’ve now got 57 followers, including a dog with a human face) I found it a lot more fun this time.

So much so, I’m going to keep it up.

All this, of course, is just a shameless plug for my own Twitter page - you can now follow me @Gary_Flockhart.


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