General election: Don’t like Boris Johnson? Here’s what to do – Angus Roberton

This general election will be hugely important so make sure to register to vote as the deadline is today, writes Angus Robertson.

Tuesday, 26th November 2019, 6:00 am
Boris Johnson launches the Conservative Party manifesto with the now familiar slogan 'Get Brexit Done' prominent. Picture: PA

While the nights are still drawing in too early across the country, brave souls are out there campaigning in the wet and cold for their election candidates and parties. Less than three weeks remain until polling day in what may well turn out to be one of the most important elections in our lifetime. It might not feel like that, but the choices are stark and the alternative futures not very appealing. Today is the deadline to get on the electoral register and organise a postal vote. Make sure you do both.

If UK network TV coverage is to be believed the election is a straight choice between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn, except for viewers in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland where the choices are different. Opinion polls over the weekend prove that there are actually different election campaigns in the four nations of the UK. In ­England, the polls are pretty consistently showing a large lead for the Tories, Labour too far behind to challenge and the Liberal Democrats bombing woefully. People might be unimpressed with the great charlatan Boris Johnson, but many fear Corbyn more and Jo Swinson seems to be putting off even her own voters.

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Meanwhile, in Scotland, the SNP are on course to win the election (again). According to a weekend poll for the Sunday Times, Nicola Sturgeon’s party will make gains from both Labour and Tories and increase their already majority standing amongst Scottish MPs. This would include SNP victories in Midlothian and East Lothian, taking them from Labour.

Given how large England is relative to the Celtic nations, the election will probably be decided down south and we will have to put up with the ­consequences. That can’t be good enough. The BoJo mantra of Get Brexit Done is a slogan for self-harm and will not solve our problems. It will make things worse.

Send a message to Westminster

The Tories have not won a general election in Scotland since 1955. For more than 60 years, we have had to put up with Conservative governments we did not vote for. How much longer will this nonsense go on for? Until and unless we say enough is enough it will continue.

It might not feel like it, but the forthcoming general election is hugely important. All three UK party leaders are simply not fit for purpose. At least voters in Scotland have a better alternative. The maximum number of SNP votes and MPs elected on December 12 will send a strong message that we will not accept a damaging Brexit we did not vote for, a reckless Prime Minister we did not vote for and his extreme party that we did not vote for either.

Today is the deadline to register to vote and to register for a postal vote. It is really easy to do both online. If you have not yet received a polling card in the post giving you details of your ­polling station, chances are that you are not on the register.

Do not lose your vote. Register before today’s deadline at 5pm for a postal vote and 11.59pm for the ­electoral register. Do it now.

Using a postal vote makes things really easy, and reduces the risk of missing your vote. Make sure you are on the register today and get a postal vote.