Government should trust the public with the evidence on Covid rules - Steve Cardownie

The news that Edinburgh is to be placed in tier three of the new Covid-19 restrictions certainly does not gladden the heart.

By Steve Cardownie
Tuesday, 27th October 2020, 4:45 pm
Many hospitality businesses in Edinburgh have been forced to close
Many hospitality businesses in Edinburgh have been forced to close

That the current regulations in place are set to continue for some time yet will send another shiver up the spine of publicans throughout the city. I am in no doubt that the rules previously in force for pubs were rigorously adhered to by the vast majority of establishments within the city. Contact details taken, social distancing rules maintained, table service only and compulsory mask wearing when not sitting at a table were all in evidence.

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So many people are asking why, if pubs previously followed the guidelines, are they being penalised now?

Given the previous lockdown measures and the ones currently in force which are set to continue it is inevitable that some bars in the city which do not have the financial wherewithal to weather the storm are destined to never open their doors again.

I understand that the Scottish Government does not take these decisions lightly and the detrimental impact that these measure have on the economy are obviously taken into account but more evidence should be provided as to why some of these regulations are necessary. As a parent of a school pupil I am all too well aware of the importance of keeping schools open and that everything should be done to protect this position but where is the evidence that one of the biggest threats comes from pubs, particularly if they enforce strict procedures to protect their patrons? Trust the public with the evidence, not just Covid-19 infection rates and deaths. The public will respond accordingly.