Everyone loves the thrill of the chase, be it in matters of the heart or financial affairs.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 12th September 2011, 3:15 pm

There’s something addictive in your heart’s acceleration, mixed with feelings of uncertainty.

I got my fix this week from eBay.

My usual Jekyll-like behaviour always morphs into Hyde when there is a bidding war.

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The prize in question was a 1920s hand muff coming complete with its very own vintage tin.

Its starting price was a very alluring £4.99, but I was canny enough to know there’d be no chance of it remaining that way.

It was a seven-day auction, which meant many a night agonising over being outbid.

If I wanted this piece of fashion history I’d have to be ruthless.

I e-mailed the seller directly and asked them straight how much they wanted for the item.

I stewed awaiting my response, then a day later I got a reply I wasn’t expecting.

The price being held out for was £35, yet this was not the strange part of the story, that came in the form of an apology from the Mayor of Burnley for his tardy response.

He explained he’d been tied up in mayor duties – and we did the deal there and then, beating off any potential competitors.

If only Mr Mayor of Burnley could come here and broker a tram deal in a day – we’d all be laughing.