John Gibson: Bear with me and it’s at your risk

Bear Grylls for thrills? I’m not so sure, ever since he was embroiled in a bit of jiggery pokery in one of his television “adventures”.

To save him further embarrassment, I won’t go into details here.

The Great Bear was recently appointed the UK’s Chief Scout. Got me thinking. Would I encourage my son (if I had one) to join the Scouts?

Be prepared for a shock. I was more Boys Brigade material, having in my youth been a fully paid-up member of the 10th Leith Lifeboys.

I feel obliged to add that I’ve nothing against Bear Grylls personally. Scouts honour.

Ruff justice?

They just can’t keep out of trouble, can they? A woman of 74 had the end of her finger bitten off when she tried to protect her dog, a Crufts-winning Rhodesian ridgeback, from attack by another dog.

The villain of the fracas in London? You’ve perhaps guessed – a Staffordshire bull terrier. Yes, the good old Staffie does court trouble.

The biter’s owner, 24, has been convicted and he’ll be sentenced early next month. Every chance he’ll be put down. Meaning the dog, of course.


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Afterwords . .

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