John Gibson: We’ll do an Albert Hall at the Usher

Just like they do it in London’s Albert Hall, only we’re doing it here Saturday, November 5 in the Usher Hall. A Concert of Remembrance with the military in mind, proceeds to Poppy Scotland.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 13th September 2011, 2:04 pm

Says former TA man and Royal Marines reservist Bill Philips: “We’re hoping for a capacity 1500 audience on the night to see the new 35-piece Phoenix Band, the Jubilo Choir, the bugles of 3 Rifles, and the Highland Ceilidh Dancers.”

Bob Kemp of Edinburgh-based Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund and retired teacher Euan Fairbairn are organising the event.

Tickets £10 to £16, details 538 7140 and 225 3701.

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Not out to Hurt

Wouldn’t hurt a fly. That kind of guy. But John Hurt, starring in the new Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy released this week, is saying: “I can see people get a bit wary of me. Sometimes a bit frightened. I try to put them at their ease. I say: look, I’m the last person to make anybody nervous, believe you me.

“I think fame makes people nervous. I’ve never changed the way I live. I still walk the streets. I don’t give a damn. And everyone’s very nice to me. But this being famous for no reason at all? I can’t actually get my head round it.”

Chair for Charles

Cheap and chairful. Put my name down for one before the old knees give out, Your Royal Highness. Prince Charles has been visiting the Stannah stairlift factory in Andover, Hants. They’ve made a half a million of them.

When he was booking stairlifts for two of his charities he no doubt had his own mobility in mind at the grand young age of 62.

Creaking as he goes, he himself was presented with a lift at the factory that caters for the Decreptitude, he calls it, with his bus pass looming.