John Gibson: Why did it take so long, Gordon?

A POX on everybody who can be branded a perpetrator of the Great Trams Fiasco. Right now our wrath can be targeted at one individual specifically.

Why didn’t he own up at the outset and save us an absolute fortune? Yes, that’s him. The same. Councillor Gordon Mackenzie. The bloke slinking deep into his coat collar who dodged up a close, out of your way. Too ashamed and embarrassed to face you.

Mackenzie at the time preferred to take the money and sit tight and let the trams disaster trundle into the fertiliser. So yes, Edinburgh is in a pickle with a bill that ultimately will cost around a billion.

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He should be ashamed to show his face in public life. But no. You don’t just “curl up and die” these days. You simply brass it out. Keep walking tall, Gordon. It’ll blow over for you.

Twist of fate

I DON’T believe it and I reckon Richard Wilson doesn’t believe it either.

Amanda Knox and OJ Simpson share the same birthday, July 9.

Even more of a coincidence, they were acquitted of murder on the same day of the year, October 3. You’re right, you couldn’t make it up.

We do hope the lovely Amanda’s rehab is going well, that she makes dollops of dough from her memoirs and that she lives for ever.

Afterwords . .

Are you thinking what I’m thinking abut the Defence Secretary? I’ll say no more. Lips sealed, as they say.