Jonathan Melville - Reeltime

JURASSIC PARK was released (or should that be escaped?) back into cinemas at the weekend, the latest in a long line of films given another airing on the silver screen that we’re more used to watching on our TV screens.

Given a digital lick of paint, Spielberg’s monster-sized epic looks better than ever and, judging by the fact that on my first attempt to see it the screening was sold out, audiences are flocking to watch it.

In America, The Lion King was recently released in a 3D version, a move which has seen it earn a staggering $80 million at the box office and become the tenth highest grossing film of all time – it opens here tomorrow.

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The reason for both re-releases is that the films are about to come out on Blu-ray and putting them in cinemas is a nice way to promote them while earning a few more pounds along the way.

The trend is only in its infancy, with upcoming titles including Ghostbusters, Amelie, Meet Me in St Louis, An American in Paris, the Star Wars series in 3D, Titanic 3D, Finding Nemo 3D, Monsters Inc 3D and Beauty and the Beast 3D.

While I’m not entirely convinced that films need a 3D makeover, it does mean we get a chance to see them back where they belong, in cinemas.

With The Lion King there’s going to be a 2D version and the chances are the others will be the same.

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It’s also encouraging to see a few classics in that list, companies taking a chance on re-releasing films which, as in the case of An American in Paris, are now 60 years old.

Sadly, for younger cinema-goers that’s almost as old as the dinos in Jurassic Park.