Katie Price: Abuse hurled at her and Edinburgh salon by bitter trolls was sickening – Hayley Matthews

Some people really shouldn’t be given access to a keyboard. I’m talking about the digital dinosaurs, the keyboard warriors, also known as TROLLS!

Saturday, 7th May 2022, 4:55 am
Katie Price should be admired for the strong woman she is (Picture: Anthony Harvey/Getty Images)
Katie Price should be admired for the strong woman she is (Picture: Anthony Harvey/Getty Images)

When I see a post with lots of comments, I immediately wonder if they will be full of praise or an bunch of angry and bitter remarks.

Sadly, the second was the case for one particular post. It was on the Evening News Facebook page about Katie Price’s masterclass tour, where she’s showing her fans how they can re-create her most popular looks.

I don’t have a Katie Price shrine in my home. However, I also don’t have any ill-feeling for her. If anything, I admire the strong woman that she is. I admire her ability to keep going, to keep providing for her family and be able to turn her hand to anything in the midst of continual public slagging.

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She gets it thick and for what? Because some don’t like her or who they think she is? Personally, I think she’s an incredibly strong female who doesn’t take any nonsense.

I interviewed her once for a talk radio station and she was full of fun. Regardless of what you think of her, she was very pleasant and there wasn’t an ounce of diva from her. I’d love to have gone for a glass of prosecco with her and asked about various things, although, she’s a busy girl.

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But back to the Facebook post that seemed to attract more trolls than dog poo attracts flies on a sunny day. I’m appalled at the abuse that was thrown at Katie and the salon Makeup by Lynn in Easter Drylaw for just promoting the event.

Comments ranged from having a go at the salon owner (even though she hosted the event for free), to pops at Katie’s fillers. I even read comments from what sounded like bitter old men, slagging off her ability to drive.

Now, we all have the ability to be nasty but what’s the point? Isn’t these awful attempts to bring each other down reflective of someone’s bitter and jealous personality?

It always seems when someone does well or puts in hard work to something, we like to pull them down. We tend to be very negative as a nation.

There’s little praise, encouragement or positivity appears online these day with the majority of keyboard warriors showing themselves up for who they really are. It’s frustrating because this is what you’re going to pass on to your children.

The salon owner rightly put a few people in line and said her piece. She wrote how she’s worked extremely hard building a small beauty business from scratch, survived lockdowns and is incredibly proud of herself!

Go Lynn, this is what we need more of: strong women in business and local ones too! With her sensible head, good business sense and creative imagination, I’m excited to see how her salon will go from strength to strength.

So to those that went along to the event, I hope you all had an amazing time, learnt some skills from Katie, had a good giggle and saw first hand what a strong female business owner looks like.

Let’s just say it’s going to take much more than lots of crappy comments on Facebook to deter someone like Lynn from succeeding.