Leader comment: Ignorance of poppy garden vandals is unbelievable

Where do you start in finding the words to condemn the appalling attack on Edinburgh's Garden of Remembrance over the weekend?

Sunday, 4th November 2018, 2:48 pm
Updated Sunday, 4th November 2018, 2:53 pm
Captain Gary Rattray - 41 from Coatbridge, from 2 SCOTS the Royal Regiment of Scotland places a cross in the Poppy Garden. Police are investigating after a vandal attack over the weekend

As the country prepares to fall silent to remember those who fought and died for all of us 100 years ago, some mindless idiot appears to have indulged in a vandalism spree in the city centre, leaving wooden crosses and a sign within the poppy garden damaged.

I mean really..where do you start? That anyone can be so wilfully ignorant is as depressing as it is unbelievable.

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Edinburgh's Garden of Remembrance trashed by '˜reckless' vandals

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We don’t know who is responsible but we can be sure it will be someone who, 100 years ago, would have found themselves marching to war. They will very probably be related to one of those brave men who put their life on the line or perhaps even died for our freedom.

They had to climb a fence to get into the Garden of Remembrance. Well, how very brave. In 1918, men from Edinburgh were climbing out of the trenches into a hail of machine gun fire.

It goes without saying that whoever carried out the vandalism must be caught and punished. But perhaps more importantly than that they need educated.