Talk of the Town: Brewer unveils a radical concoction

STEWART Brewing is already good at making the most of its local roots, with its beers including Hollyrood, Pentland IPA, St Giles and Forth Mist.

Now it is adding to its bottled range with Radical Road, named after the steep path which runs down the side of Salisbury Crags.

It’s a whopping 6.4 per cent, however, so be careful if you decide to sample it – one too many and you might find it has the same effect on your legs as a quick march up the real road.

We’ll drink to airline’s cool new in-flight offering

IT might not be Red Bull, but it sounds likely to give you wings.


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EasyJet will sell whisky and Irn-Bru-flavoured ice cream on its new route between Edinburgh and Naples in Italy.

Capital-based ice cream parlour S Luca, which has branches in Morningside and Musselburgh, unveiled the fusion ahead of the first flight yesterday.

But it could be argued the airline has a lot to lose from the venture.

After all, if you can’t attract planefuls of Scots with the promise of whisky and Irn-Bru, then you might as well give up the ghost.


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Rising above dirty dig

LISTENERS of the Jeremy Vine Show at lunchtimes on BBC Radio 2 will be familiar with the recent section that invites contributors to explain why they live where they do – and what they love about it.

Earlier this week, it was the turn of Beeb reporter Colin Blaine who explained his deep affection for his home city of Glasgow.

He spoke longingly of its character and stunning architecture.


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As the conversation flowed, Jeremy mentioned his own admiration of Edinburgh, only for our west-coast neighbour Colin to complain about our Capital’s cleanliness.

Well, perhaps if it rained as much here as it does in Glasgow then there’d be no need for such muckraking.

No kidding

IT’S supposed to be child’s play but it seems it’s not quite as easy as it sounds.


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Some Edinburgh parents admit they’ve forgotten how to play with their children, leaving the youngsters missing out on vital life skills, a new survey reveals.

The report, by the makers of Ribena Plus, says 16 per cent of Capital mums and dads admit to buying video games to take the pressure off their imaginations.

And 12 per cent said they feel “anxious” during play time.

Well, it can be nerve-wracking waiting to be tracked down during a game of hide and seek.