Talk of the Town: City to play itself alongside Juliette

The actress, who starred alongside Pitt in the 1990s thriller Kalifornia, will begin shooting Justin Molotnikov’s thriller Blood And Water in Edinburgh early next year. The film is described as “contemporary noir” by production company Synchronicity Films.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 1st September 2011, 4:47 pm

And while it might not be bringing hordes of the undead to the Capital, at least Edinburgh will be appearing as Edinburgh, and not being disguised as a post-apocalypse America.

Ill-fated project lowers the bar for bad ideas

THE tram project is already well-established as a favourite butt of jokes – from the Fringe to Prince Philip – but now it has also become a benchmark for bad ideas.

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When West Dunbartonshire Council decided to opt out of a controversial scheme to share back office functions among west coast councils, public sector union Unison welcomed the move, saying: “This plan was based on a poor business case and flawed assumption – it had Edinburgh trams written all over it.”

Digitally enhance your faith

A HUGE 45ft, 14-tonne trailer being dubbed the “Tardis” is due to land in Bathgate on Monday.

But before all the Doctor Who fans out there start getting their Daleks in a twist, this travelling trailer isn’t blue and isn’t staffed by a Doctor.

No, the “bigger on the inside” trailer is owned by Bibleworld Mobile and is described as a “high-tech, multimedia, mobile classroom”.

The mobile is part of The People’s Bible project, a bid to boost the bible into the 21st century and visitors will have the opportunity to write a digital verse which will appear on the People’s Bible website.

Tweets from the big man

AUTHOR Ian Rankin was trying his hand at a spot of acting for the closing event of the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

He was one of 18 authors and actors who took part in a reading of Alasdair Gray’s play Fleck.

As revealed on Twitter, however, the Rebus author is more a fan of the big screen, and was delighted to see the classic crime thriller Get Carter at the Filmhouse recently.

It did, however, lead a to comments about Rankin’s fitness, to which he responded: “As has been pointed out, yes I am a big man and yes I am out of shape.”