Talk of the Town: Cool reception for latest fatty fad

THEY’VE got publicly funded hospitals and hosting rights for cup finals, while we’re stuck with the ERI and the trams.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 4th May 2012, 1:00 pm

But Talk of the Town doubts any envious Edinburgh eyes will be cast westward after Glasgow’s latest draw was announced.

The biggest folk in Scotland’s second city are being offered the chance to shed the pounds – with a pain-free fat-freezing treatment.

It is claimed that the “Cryolipolysis” method will “target, freeze and break down” fat cells, with a 20 to 40 per cent fat reduction promised in six weeks.

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And the punchline? A “coolsculpting” session, which is being offered by a boutique in Glasgow’s West Regent Street, will set you back at least £800.

At TOTT, we think you’ll join us in saying they can keep this one.

Offering shell-ter to a host of new arrivals

DEEP Sea World has been rolling out the welcome mat this week for a crustacean invasion.

A local fisherman dropped into Scotland’s national aquarium to donate more than 180 crabs.

A mixture of juvenile spider crabs, sand swimmers and hermit crabs, they were distributed throughout marine displays including the native rockpool.

But before that could happen, each crab had to be individually checked over in the aquarium’s quarantine.

Wonder how many staff went into their shells when that job went up for grabs.

Mind your peas and Qs

As a nation of couch potatoes, we are often told vegetables are great for our health.

But according to the World’s End pub on the Royal Mile, veggies can be positively dangerous.

A notice pinned to the front door advised customers: “We are unable to open right now due to a leek from above.”

But, in a turnip for the books, the spelling mishap had been corrected the following day.

Do you have specs appeal?

IF you reckon you’ve got specs appeal then this is for you.

Entries are being sought for the Spectacle Wearer of the Year 2012 competition.

Budding eyewear models are being urged to drop in to the Specsavers branch on North Bridge during business hours tomorrow.

Entrants, who will have their photo taken by staff, could then have the chance to take home a host of prizes in a lucky draw.

So, are your four eyes on the prize?