Talk of the Town: Hole-y wishful thinking Batman!

THERE are icons and then there are, well, holes in the ground.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 17th May 2012, 1:00 pm

Plans to create a massive new tourist attraction centre in Aberdeen were unveiled yesterday and while we don’t normally bring you news north of South Queensferry, this one certainly took our eye.

A 500ft-deep hole, which provided granite for two centuries, is set to be opened to the public for the first time, at the city’s Rubislaw Quarry.

Developer Huge Black said: “This unique and iconic site is as important as Edinburgh Castle is to Edinburgh.”

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We would comment on the comparison between our historic attraction and a giant hole in the ground, but Talk of the Town’s mum always said that if you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all.

Move over Engelbert, we’re on to a winner

THE Evening News’ catchy cup final song continues to reach out to an ever-widening audience.

Tens of thousands of viewers have logged on to YouTube to check out our efforts, with many offering their own reviews.

One recent comment said: “New Scottish Eurovision song contest entry. Wins hands down. Good luck to both teams. As an oldleither myself.”

The Evening News choir representing Scotland at Eurovision? If that’s not a compelling case for independence then we don’t know what is.

Better start pedalling . .

AS a national sporting treasure weighed down with Olympic gold, it’s no surprise to learn a public bench in London’s new Games village has been decorated with a commemorative plaque paying tribute to cycling superstar Sir Chris Hoy.

But whoever said British sporting expectation was sky high was wrong . . . it goes far beyond that.

The plaque reveals: “At his top speed it would take Chris Hoy over 230 years to reach the sun.”

Say hola to UK tourists

WITH a castle to show off – rather than a hole in the ground (well, as long as you discount the trams) – it’s no surprise tourists from across the UK are snubbing Spain for entertainment in Edinburgh.

A new poll reveals over-50s are this year flocking to check out our historical attractions rather than sun and sea.

Says Peter Simpson, managing director at OscarUK, which carried out the research: “It seems that enjoying haggis on the Royal Mile is more appealing to the UK’s over-50s than tapas in Spain.”