Talk of the Town: Picture is perfect for Moon buff

AS celebrity auctions go, this one was out of this world.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 14th September 2011, 6:32 pm

An East Lothian auction house left one lucky buyer over the moon after he landed an incredibly rare Apollo mission photo for a fifth of the expected price.

A highly-prized collectors’ item, it bears signatures of the dozen astronauts who have walked on the Moon, and it had been expected to fetch more than £25,000.

Despite this, however, it went for just £6000 – one of the bargain buys of the year.

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Shame the city council’s tram fiasco couldn’t have followed a similar financial path.

You’d think this should really be blues album

STICKING with the trams, and while discussions continue on the latest attempt to rescue Edinburgh’s troubled project, one band has used the chaotic scheme as the inspiration for a new song.

Edinburgh-based Sativa Dawn’s song Shiny New Train Set bemoans the project, with “barricades and cavities as far as I can see”.

The song asks “what was wrong with the 22?” and ridicules the “fiascos on a daily basis”, before signing off with the bleak outlook: “Could it ever be any more sublime/That the shiny new train set will never run on time”.

Given the twists and turns that the project has taken so far, they could probably write a whole album about it.

Heads ruling hearts

IT usually takes a few months before couples start playing mind games in their relationship.

But the ever intrepid Edinburgh Secret Society is planning to cut that down to a nifty five minutes.

The society’s latest event – for singles only – will see 24 men and 24 women take part in an unusual speed-dating experiment, where Richard Wiseman will have them playing specially-designed mind games instead of just chatting. Participants will try to read one another’s thoughts, draw portraits and much much more.

The sold-out event is being held on September 23, so we will all have to wait to see if messing with someone’s head is really the way to find true love.

Trolling for punters

AND finally, a warning – there are trolls on the loose in Edinburgh.

Fortunately these trolls can only be seen in augmented reality, and have been set loose to help promote the hit film Troll Hunter.

You can hunt them down using a special app, with free cinema tickets – courtesy of Cameo owner Picturehouse Cinemas – up for grabs.