Talk of the Town: This sizzling show brings home bacon

IT has attracted controversy around the world - and last night UK audiences got a chance to judge for themselves as Matthew Herbert’s OnePig came to the Capital. Audience at the Queen’s Hall were treated to the unique musical production created entirely using the sounds of a pig’s life – with Herbert being there from the birth of the animal through to it’s eventual slaughter.

The artist hopes his creation will help people think more about where food comes from and how it gets to their plate – and just to make sure there were no easy answers the show also featured chefs cooking a pig and serving up tasty pork treats at the end, to a no doubt conflicted audience.

From Holyrood to Baywatch

WHICH MSP can claim to be considered alongside a Baywatch babe, a pop idol and one of the world’s most famous sex symbols of all time?

Bathgate-born MSP Jean Urquhart has found new status since revealing her past as a Bunny Girl, working in London’s Playboy Club in the Swinging Sixties when she was 17

The Highlands MSP, who quit the SNP after last month’s conference vote in favour of Nato, is now listed by Fox News alongside Pamela Anderson, Debbie Harry and Marilyn Monroe under a heading inviting people to vote on: “Which of these sexy former Playboy Girls has had the most success since they hung up their tail and ears?”

We must be going

IT’s been a great year for the UK – but despite a knockout summer of national pride, fuelled by the Olympics, the Diamond Jubilee and the royal wedding, research released today reveals that nearly two-thirds of families in Edinburgh would still like to emigrate.

The research, by South Australia’s Agent General in London, found that while expensive housing, bad manners and a loss of community spirit were among the reasons given for wanting to flee the UK, the top gripe was, unsurprisingly, the weather. As we stoke the boilers ahead of another feeezing winter, Talk of the Town hears south Australia is lovely this time of year.


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Gender roll call

PRESIDING Officer Tricia Marwick caused much amusement at First Minister’s Questions when she appeared to conflate the two female opposition party leaders into one person when she mistakenly called the Scottish Tories’ Ruth Davidson “Ruth Lamont”.

Alex Salmond could not resist observing that the slip “may be appropriate” given the two parties’ co-operation in the Better Together campaign for a No vote.