Talk of the Town: You’ll have had your stew, then?

WE are a nation of chip eaters . . . preferably with a side of battered fish and a can of thirst-quenching Irn-Bru.

But new research shows that here in Edinburgh we have a more delicate palate when it comes to the humble spud. For when it comes to cooking potatoes in our own homes, 90 per cent of the city population opt for the traditional method of boiling.

The upshot of this is that Edinburgh residents have been named the casserole capital of the UK – with locals eating more stews that anywhere else in Britian.

The research, carried out by, also shows people in Edinburgh begin thinking about dinner at 4.31pm.

Meaning there could be a grain of truth in the popular Edinburgh jibe: “You’ll have had your tea then?”

Marvellous moggy

AS far as stories go, it was the purrfect ending.

Polish moggy Stefan has finally been reunited with his family following a frantic search by Lothian Cat Rescue.

The stricken cat even made it into the pages of the Evening News as the shelter was baffled by the fact that his owners could not been found.


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But now, he has been reunited through a website for Polish residents in Edinburgh – much to the delight of his owner and her children. After weeks in the shelter, he will be settling in at home – where his owners will no doubt be keeping a very close eye on him.

It’s a Grubby business

IT may be a useful tool for getting to grips with a topic, but there are still clearly perils to using Wikipedia.

George Grubb’s entry was apparently interfered with yesterday – with the Lord Provost bizarrely being given the nickname ‘Flannigan’s Granddaddy’. The entry had been corrected by yesterday evening and a second nickname – “Grubby” – also deleted.


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Talk of the Town has it on good authority that the respected civic leader is known by neither moniker around the Chambers.

Talking dirty

READERS with OCD look away now. As part of Global Handwashing Day, new statistics have been released revealing just how dirty the average mobile phone is. Some 18 per cent of mobile phones in Edinburgh were contaminated with faecal matter from users not washing their hands properly.

The only consolation was that our Weegie cousins are the worst in the UK – and twice as bad as Capital residents.