Thomas the cat kept so quiet about his horrific injury even Miss Marple wouldn't have noticed – Hayley Matthews

I found a few spots of blood on the floor at the weekend, and couldn't find out where it had come from.

Saturday, 14th May 2022, 12:30 pm
Thomas the cat left a mysterious trail of blood but didn't seek assistance for his wound
Thomas the cat left a mysterious trail of blood but didn't seek assistance for his wound

Even with all the Miss Marple I've watched over the years, it didn't seem to help. I had no idea where it had come from.

Then on Sunday night, as I was getting the boys’ clothes out ready for the morning, I discovered the source.

My mum’s cat Thomas, who's in his late teens, was lying on my son’s bed with half his stomach fur and skin missing.

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As I looked closer, I could see it looked like he'd caught his stomach on something and had ripped off a huge chunk of skin, that was hanging down.

I stood staring at what looked like a large, raw chicken thigh. A trip to the emergency vet and a few hours later, and he was all stitched up ready to come home.

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The poor little soul has been very quiet after what we can only suspect was catching his belly on something sharp. He has a huge scar that is bigger than my C-section line, as well as having a little limp.

Thomas is recovering after a vet repaired the damage to his stomach

I had a look about to see if I could spot the culprit, however, I only found some discarded branches with very sharp brittle thorns, and I'm not sure they were robust enough to do this kind of damage.

So until cats can talk, or learn to use a keyboard, we're all left wondering how little Thomas ripped his tummy. The vet’s done an excellent job and was very accommodating to make sure that Thomas's tummy tuck went as smoothly as possible.