Why you should consider becoming a Special Constable – Chief Supt Gareth Blair

Every month I use this column to tell you what’s been going on, or what’s coming up in the city. However, this month I’d like to take a slightly different tack…

Wednesday, 20th March 2019, 6:00 am
Chief Superintendent Gareth Blair is the Divisional Commander for Edinburgh

This month, I want to get all of the Evening News readers to consider coming to work for us, and joining the Police Scotland Special Constabulary.

A Special Constable is a part-time, volunteer officer who works alongside regular police officers. You will play a vital role in partnership liaison, community policing and crime prevention, while at the same time engaging with the varied and diverse communities we serve.

Like regular officers, Special Constables can and will be deployed to literally anything that requires police attendance within Edinburgh. This includes responding to criminal incidents, representing Police Scotland at community meetings, policing major events and sports matches and working to improve the quality of life for communities across the Capital.

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Currently we are looking for Special Constables to join some of our specialist units and departments, such as cyber crime, economic crime, prevention and operational planning.

Every day as a police officer brings its own set of new and uniqe challenges and the role of a Special Constable is no different. You will be given comprehensive training and support and once you are ready for deployment you will become a vital member of the Police Scotland family, and play an important role in how the city is policed.

Taking on this responsibility means you need to be a good communicator, adept at decision-making and problem-solving and most importantly driven to make a positive contribution to your communities. We can help you develop most of these skills, but the desire to be a role model and ambassador for this city is something you must already have inside of you.

If this is something that you feel could be an attractive prospect, either as an additional commitment, or as a potential career stepping stone, then please check out the recruitment section of our website at www.scotland.police.uk.

I know for a fact, that a number of our serving regular officers began their careers as a Special Constable and the experience greatly benefitted them going forward.

If the life of a full-time officer is not for you, however, then this role will still help enhance your confidence and develop a new range of skills that will be of great use to you down the line.

I look forward to working with some of you in the very near future.

Chief Superintendent Gareth Blair is the Divisional Commander for Edinburgh