Coment: Social media can spread good as well as bad

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SOCIAL media is still a relatively new and evolving tool. Many of us are fascinated by it and spend hours pouring over the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Others, however, decry social media as giving a voice to the ignorant, racist and homophobic, allowing them to easily spread their bile.

The current craze for NekNomination – where individuals are nominated via social media to perform increasingly bizarre tasks on video, usually involving large amounts of alcohol – has appalled and worried many of us.

That worry has been realised with the deaths of two young people following NekNomination dares.

Social media, however, is a tool that can promote good as well as bad.

The Evening News, as well as other newspapers, have encouraged its readers to nominate positive acts. Last week we reported on a move to nominate others to give blood.

We have seen videos of people online donating money to charity and giving to the homeless, rather than spending their cash on alcohol.

Today our reporter shows us how easy it is to brighten other people’s day, by doing something nice. While some were suspicious of receiving a stranger’s help, most were happy to have someone else stop for a moment to support their fellow citizens.

So today we NiceNominate all of you to help someone else across the Lothians. Pay them a compliment, buy them a cup of tea or lend a helping hand. Visit an old person who may need some company or buy some flowers for someone who is down.

And after you have done it, tell us via our social media platforms of Facebook and Twitter (using the hashtag #NominateEdinburgh) or even write a letter to the editor to tell us what you think.

Social media can spread good as well as bad. Let’s start that today.