Comment: 20mph enforcement should be supported

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enforcing 20mph speed limits in residential streets is a move which should be supported.

The statistics consistently show that cutting speed leads to fewer accidents that cause serious injuries or death.

And with all the talk of getting children away from computer screens and out and about, giving parents the confidence that they do not need to be wrapped in cotton wool is key.

Speed guns and fines may well prove to be the most effective tool in getting the message through that speeding through residential areas is unacceptable.

Until now this has been a major stumbling block for the council, with police unwilling to devote major resources to enforcement,

The deal struck last week appears to have solved this problem in what is a smart bit of business for city chiefs.

The line, of course, has to be drawn somewhere and we have to ensure Edinburgh keeps moving.

Bringing in lower speed limits in residential areas makes sense, moves to extend it to busier routes should be very carefully considered.

A blanket 20mph limit for example would not only frustrate motorists but may actually end up being counter-productive as speed limits would be roundly abused on all roads.

Studies show that 20mph limits are widely supported by the public but that could easily evaporate if the city grinds to a halt or the enforcement action is simply seen as some kind of cash cow.

We are reassured to hear today that the police will target their action based on accident and casualty numbers, ensuring that the worst blackspots are given attention.

The roll-out of the 20mph areas and the use of speed guns will need to be kept under review then.

But hopefully we will see accident numbers drop and the message getting through to cut your speed or be hit in the pocket.