Comment: ‘A significant moment for the trams’

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It is the kind of scene that will be commonplace in less than three months. Soon a tram packed with passengers passing through the city will be an everyday occurrence – a half-hourly event in fact. But for now it is still something of a novelty.

The excitement surrounding Exercise Salvador has been seen many times before at Murrayfield, but usually for major sporting events and pop concerts. And the volunteers taking part had a great tale to take home – they were the first members of the public to travel on an Edinburgh tram for 58 years.

This is a significant moment for the trams. And judging by the reaction of its first crowd of public passengers it passed with flying colours.

The trams won’t always have the same allure as they do just now. The drivers won’t always be the “pop stars”, returning the waves of enthusiastic passers-by who are just chuffed to have caught a glimpse of them in action.

As we get used to seeing them on the streets, the excitement will gradually fade. But, after all the strife, doesn’t it make sense to enjoy the good bits. If even a fraction of the enthusiasm on show yesterday sticks, then the trams will get off to a flying start.

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With the trams finally set to start running with paying passengers, what better time to start shouting about all that is great about the Capital’s city 
centre? The roadworks misery is at an end, new developments are coming on stream, and hey, even the weather is getting better.

Our new Recommends feature which will run over the next 12 weeks in association with the This is Edinburgh marketing drive is aimed at highlighting the best of the Capital from the people who know it best – its residents. We will be asking for your top tips on everything from the best bars and coffee shops to the best walks and attractions.

It kicks off today with what you told us were the best viewpoints in the city centre, some obvious, some less so. We are lucky enough to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, let’s start shouting about it!