Comment: Adopting new technology is a no-brainer

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The state of Edinburgh’s roads is a national disgrace.

As we have revealed, a cost of £260 million has been put on bringing all routes up to scratch with little in the way of solutions other than begging the Scottish Government for help.

Today, we have what looks like real action to begin addressing the problem.

Part of the issue, as we have highlighted in recent weeks, has been how the whole system of road repairs is managed in Edinburgh.

Various different departments handling repairs depending on what needs fixed and where, money thrown into potholes just to keep the city moving, no clear overview of the problems...

The new action plan should go some way to addressing those issues.

The appointment of one person to oversee and co-ordinate all the different repairs will hopefully remove the problem of one department not knowing what the other is doing.

Meanwhile, adopting this new technology to resurface entire roads before they become too badly damaged, and doing this more quickly and at up to a quarter of the cost seems like a no-brainer. These are welcome developments while clearly nowhere near a solution to the whole problem.

While we may see the standard of Edinburgh’s roads begin to improve gradually, it is unlikely to produce instant results.

Rather it will take years if not decades to drag up the standard of the Capital’s streets.

There is also still the issue of funding and competing priorities meaning that significant investment is not possible without Holyrood stepping in to help out.

Today is just the start on the road to putting things right. Rest assured this newspaper will continue to watch developments and the results closely – and continue to demand the Capital city has the road network it deserves.