Comment: ‘Blitz by police should be welcomed’

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POLICE will today begin a two-week crackdown on cyclists and motorists in hot spots across Edinburgh. Such initiatives are nothing new, of course, but the focus on cycling is particularly newsworthy given the current heated debate about how cars and bikes share our roads.

This dynamic will become even more difficult once the trams start to run next year.

One of the ongoing complaints from drivers is that a small number of cyclists believe the Highway Code does not apply to them. Frustration builds as they see cyclists going through red lights, up on pavements or down way streets with impunity.

This blitz by police should therefore be welcomed.

Cyclists need to understand that the law applies to all road users.

Similarly, motorists who unthinkingly sit in cycling boxes at traffic lights or who fail to give cyclists enough road space will also be targeted.

Cycling is growing in popularity and this should be encouraged. It is healthy for the individual, keeps traffic congestion down and 
reduces pollution.

However, an even-handed and educational approach to policing will ensure that all road users – motorists, cyclists and pedestrians – can share our streets safely and with mutual respect.

Just persevere

The campaign for a museum dedicated to Leith has our full support.

In an area with such a rich, varied and distinctive history, it is incredible that there is not one already. Celebrating the port’s vital role in Scottish history as well as the achievements of some of its renowned contemporary names would be fantastic.

It has already been a long campaign and so let’s hope all involved can keep to the famous motto – persevere.