Comment Case helps to restore faith in Scottish justice

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There must have been many times over the last six years when Edward Dooley’s family felt total despair.

Their beloved father and grandfather had been taken from them in the cruellest of circumstances, but they had no answers about to what happened on the night he died. And they certainly had no justice – despite their firm belief that he had been killed in a street attack.

The truth, when they discovered it, was utterly heartbreaking. They were right about him being attacked. But he was a victim of such random brutality that it will always be impossible to understand.

The family fought a courageous and determined campaign to uncover the truth. Yesterday was a complete vindication for them.

Their lives will never be the same – nothing will ever bring back the good man they have lost – but seeing justice done will be an important step in learning how to live with it.

The detectives who solved the case – and refused to be cowed by the threat of violence against them – deserve huge credit.

Our justice system is often pilloried for getting things wrong, from the automatic early release of violent and dangerous criminals to the miscarriages of justice that have occurred nationally.

Results like this remind us that it is still capable of doing remarkable things – and help to restore our faith in Scottish justice.

Eric’s never idle

Appropriate perhaps that in the week we celebrate Eric Milligan’s 40 years on the front line of local politics, he finds himself back on the front page at the centre of another story.

While not everyone will agree with him, especially on the current hot topic of alcohol licensing, there is no denying he is a committed politician who has been a fantastic ambassador for Edinburgh over the years.

Councillor Milligan is known for his plain-speaking and he is not afraid to ruffle a few feathers while making his point. We wouldn’t have it any other way.