Comment: Charge could be damaging to airport

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The fear when the dreaded “kiss and fly” tax was first introduced at Edinburgh Airport four years ago was that it would soon increase.

Once a charge is introduced it is easy for it to gradually creep up.

Today we reveal that is indeed to happen with the fee tripling for stays over five minutes.

Many may feel that the new pricing structure is fair enough, with five minutes seeming perfectly adequate. But add in the potential for queuing traffic once inside and the added time needed for those with elderly or young children and many people may find themselves caught out.

The concerns of taxi drivers should be listened to, especially as any added cost will end up being added on to fares.

Edinburgh Airport is on the up, with exciting new redevelopment and new routes opening all the time.

The tram has arrived, providing a modern transport link to the city centre, it has passed the milestone of ten million passengers in a 12-month period and the team there has deservedly had much praise heaped upon it.

We understand that running a successful airport on the scale of Edinburgh doesn’t come cheap but when passengers already face premium prices while killing time inside the terminal, it does seem a bit rich to charge for the privilege of just getting in there.

As we have said before, the charge is not just annoying, it could ultimately prove damaging to the airport at a time when competition has never been more fierce.

The arguments against this unfair charge are well worn and simply reinforced with today’s news. They also will not, no matter how much the airport wants them to, go away.

Edinburgh Airport is doing a lot of things right and should rightly shout about its successes.

The “kiss and fly” tax is one thing it has got badly wrong and the sooner it is removed the better.