Comment: Christmas offering will be slick

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Some might say that a man who sticks a giant upsidedown purple cow in the middle of Edinburgh every year has a cheek to call anything tacky.

But you have to hand it to Charlie Wood, creator of the hugely popular Underbelly Fringe venues, he knows a thing or two about pulling in the crowds. And with his track record he has every right to express a few strong opinions about entertainment in Edinburgh.

Everyone will have their own view on whether or not the Capital’s Christmas celebrations have been “tacky” in recent years.

But there’s no doubt that the ice rink, big wheel, Christmas markets, and so on, were a big hit with tens of thousands of people. At its best, when the Winter Wonderland was lit up at night, with a dusting of snow on the ground, it looked magical.

Even the best ideas though lose some of their gloss after a while, so perhaps the time is right for a dramatic new look.

The anticipation is now mounting to see exactly what Charlie and his Underbelly team have come up with. We’re glad that some old favourites, like the ice rink, will be here again.

We know this year’s offering will be slick – as Underbelly productions always are – but there is a danger in going too sophisticated. It would be a shame if the event lost any of its emphasis on family fun or got too expensive in the process. With seven days to go, we can’t wait to find out what’s in store.

A core of secrecy

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