Comment: Dame Sue can look back with pride

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Dame Sue Bruce can look back on her time leading Edinburgh city council with pride on an incredibly difficult job well done.

She has been in the role for less than five years but in that time has surely faced more challenges in the Capital than others handle in their entire careers.

The trams, Mortonhall ashes scandal, the statutory notice fiasco, the Liberton High tragedy... the list goes on.

And that is not to mention the constant tightening of budgets which has made the task of delivering basic public services in Edinburgh ever more difficult.

As she looks towards retirement in October, she is keen to hail the Edinburgh Guarantee, which aims to ensure every school leaver goes to further education, employment or training, as her greatest achievement.

Certainly the huge success of that very worthy scheme in tackling a real issue is something that should be celebrated.

But it is with the T word which she will no doubt always be associated.

Dame Sue’s legacy is of succeeding where others failed by knocking heads together and ensuring the delivery of the tram project.

Love them or hate them, the trams had to get up and running and it was Dame Sue who made that happen.

Then there is the massive St James Quarter revamp where she was vital in fighting the city council’s case with the Scottish Government to ensure the funding could be delivered. She hasn’t been immune from controversy of course, with her decision to take up a non-executive role with SSE raising eyebrows.

But no-one can deny the massive and lasting impact she has had on the Capital in her time here.

The Capital has needed Dame Sue’s cool head and strong leadership to steer it through the choppy waters of the last few years.

Whoever takes the helm now will have very big shoes to fill.