Comment: Deal boost ahead of tram route opening

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you might expect a company which makes microchips for Apple to be clued up about what the future holds.

So it is heartening to see one of Europe’s fastest growing semiconductor companies, Dialog, opening a new test centre in Sighthill. It is a vote of confidence in Edinburgh – and a boost for the tram line ahead of its opening next year.

The way the tram line will link up the new test centre with the airport, Dialog’s existing offices at St Andrew Square and the rest of the city centre clearly impressed its bosses. Other firms are sure to make the same kind of calculations in the coming months as they weigh up where they might open new offices in the Capital.

It’s what happened when Dublin opened its tram line almost ten years ago. In fact, so many businesses moved to premises along the route that the trams became seen as a catalyst for urban regeneration. Firms in neighbourhoods which were not served by the line were soon lobbying for it to be extended past their doors – and within five years an extension was open.

Will Edinburgh follow the Dublin example? Who knows, it is far too early to tell. There are tentative signs, though, of a “tram effect” in Shandwick Place and York Place with several hotels and supermarkets announcing plans to open close to tram stops.

One thing is for sure. The more firms that open up along the tram route, the more likely the line is to prove a financial success.

No need to flap

these days it seems everyone is on Twitter, from Premiership footballers to the Pope – and the staff of this newspaper are no exception.

So it seems strange to hear housebuilder Barratt complaining about the tweets of one conservationist influencing councillors. Shouldn’t they know that people communicate like that these days – and join in instead of griping.