Comment: Edinburgh’s future looks bright

The Omni Centre is part of TH Real Estate's stake in Edinburgh
The Omni Centre is part of TH Real Estate's stake in Edinburgh
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Michael Sales has a job which would make most people’s mind boggle.

As head of TH Real Estate, he steers almost $100 billion (£75 bilion) worth of property investment to all corners of the globe. From Washington DC to Shanghai, major developments go ahead or stall on his say so.

With that investment, of course, comes jobs. The best example as far as Edinburgh is concerned is the St James project. Their near £1 billion investment is in the early stages of transforming the east end of the city centre into a new shopping, leisure and residential quarter. The finished development is forecast to support more than 2000 jobs.

In short, Michael’s view matters. It matters not only because of TH Real Estate’s commitments to Edinburgh, which now also include the neighbouring Omni Centre. It matters too because what he sees in a city is about as good a guide as you can get as to how other investors might view it.

He is clearly enamoured with Edinburgh - and its economic prospects. Despite the uncertainty surrounding Brexit and IndyRef2, he sees a bright future for Edinburgh. Interestingly, he sees much of the Capital’s strength coming from the tourism and our top class universities.