Comment: Encouraging sport to kids is a no-brainer

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AS far as opportunities to get kids active go, this summer is pretty much an open goal.

With world-class sportsmen and women being beamed into every home, half the battle is won.

For once, children will need little encouragement to drop the PlayStation controllers and head out into the sunshine to recreate a Suarez strike, a Kvitova volley or a Bolt blast.

With the World Cup reaching a conclusion tomorrow, don’t bet against parks across the city being full on Monday with mini Messis.

All of which makes the situation in Kirkliston completely 

We tell today how Kirkliston and South Queensferry FC, a team with 250 young members, is being prevented from using local council pitches because the centre is not open at what seem to be the most obvious times, i.e Saturday afternoons and Sundays.

If they want to play, they have to pay – in this case for their own public liability insurance which is completely prohibitive.

Ironically, the council argues the centre is not well enough used to justify opening up for people who want to use it.

Surely a solution to this can be found which will enable the kids to make use of a facility which is, after all, funded by the taxpayer and meant to be there for the public to enjoy.

With the Scottish Government and local authority drives to tackle obesity, encouraging youngsters to take up sport really seems like a no-brainer.

In less than a fortnight, the Commonwealth Games will be coming to Scotland, crowning a fantastic summer of sport. Enthusiasm to get out and give it a go will never have been higher. We must take full advantage and make it as easy as possible for everyone, especially youngsters, to have access to our sporting facilities.

To fail to do so would be a massive own goal.