Comment: Fast Track is something to celebrate

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unfortunately for many, it really isn’t as simple as ABC.

Most of us would struggle to understand how a pupil could move to secondary school without basic reading skills.

But incredibly that was the reality for more than 400 youngsters across the Capital, some of whom found it difficult to use the most simple words.

The reasons for this will be varied and complex but the good news is this is a problem which is not being ignored.

Thanks to a new project in Edinburgh, the vast majority of those who took part have now been brought up to speed, vastly improving their ability to learn and, ultimately, their life chances.

The Fast Track programme appears to have been a huge success story and one which is really worth celebrating.

The pupils involved will now no longer be disadvantaged and are being allowed the opportunity to shine alongside their classmates.

A new strategy, meanwhile, should ensure specialist intervention far earlier than S1 to give those that need it a little bit of extra help.

Every child in Edinburgh, no matter their background, should be given the best possible start in life at school, and projects such as these are absolutely vital.

Well done to everyone involved and good luck to the all the S1s starting out on their secondary school adventure.

How does that go?

So the spoilsports at VisitScotland have produced a pronunciation guide to Edinburgh streets for the festival.

Boo! Surely one of the main sources of amusement for locals every August (outside of the Fringe) is hearing American tourists asking for directions to Cockburn Street?

We are not amused!