Comment: Fitting end to successful Festival

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the Festival fireworks was a fantastic occasion once again on Monday night. It was pretty close to a perfect evening for the estimated 250,000 who were able to enjoy the spectacle.

The music was beautiful, the fireworks truly spectacular and the weather – despite fears to the contrary – stayed fine, if only just. A full moon even appeared in the sky above the Castle to add a magical touch to all those millions of photographs being taken of the explosive display on the ramparts.

The timing of this year’s concert on a Monday night seemed to do little to detract from the occasion for most of those that were there. Yet, as many people have pointed out since, many more families with young children might have felt able to attend if it had taken place on, say, a Saturday night instead.

Others have pointed out that it was unfortunate incidents of trouble within the crowds attending the fireworks that lead to the event moving from a Saturday night in the first place.

The timing of such a major event is never going to be straightforward and will surely be the subject of careful thought going forward.

Putting the timing aside, the unanimous verdict was that this was a fitting ending to what has been one of the most successful Festival seasons for many years. It was in many ways an ideal advert for the Capital, a perfect showcase of what the city has to offer in terms of heritage and culture.

Just about everyone who was there was taking photographs of the fireworks over the Castle and cooing at the beauty of the scene.

Yet when they tried to share these stunning images, by posting them on social media or broadcasting them live on Periscope, many found the 4G connection in the city centre wasn’t up to the job. What a missed opportunity to beam all these wonderful pictures of Edinburgh around the world.

Surely next year it wouldn’t be beyond the collective means of the festivals and sponsors to create a wi-fi hotspot in Princes Street Gardens for the month of August to encourage people to share these momments as widely as possible.

What a great way that would be to celebrate some of the best that Edinburgh has to offer.