Comment: Holyrood must step in and help out

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IT is heartening to see that SNP MSP Jim Eadie and Labour MP Ian Murray are joining forces to support Edinburgh City Council in a plea to the Scottish Government for more funds to address our crumbling schools.

With further city council budget cuts on the horizon, finding extra cash from elsewhere to support school maintenance will be extremely difficult for all at City Chambers.

Our local authorities are already making tough budgetary choices. It’s now a case of what can they stop doing, rather than what can they do less of.

The council could find the cash, but would it be right to stop vital services in other areas?

Given the scale of this tragedy – and the potential that it could happen again – Holyrood must step in and give support to our cash-strapped councils in Edinburgh and the Lothians.

The mum’s rush

Pregnant women will be well used to being told what they can’t do.

The list of foods to avoid seems to grow all the time, while any attempt at, say, lifting a box will be met with tuts and immediate offers of help from all around.

Of course, the cotton wool treatment is all in the best interests of the little one and we wouldn’t for a minute suggest it should be any other way.

But how refreshing it is today to feature one mum-to-be who is showing what she can do.

Running a half-marathon at 22 weeks may raise a few eyebrows but that’s exactly what Marion Laverty is planning to do.

She has the full backing of her GP and midwife and is leaving nothing to chance so why shouldn’t she? We wish her well for the run and with her new 

She may not post a record-breaking time but her little passenger is guaranteed to be the youngest runner over the line.