Comment: Improving accountability is positive step

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The city council’s decision to arm all councillors with the latest iPads certainly raised an eyebrow or two.

One councillor being caught playing solitaire on the device during a public petition’s committee meeting did little to convince some that it was indeed money well spent.

However, today we have news which everyone should now welcome.

Introducing digital voting will in theory make it easier to find out instantly which councillors voted which way.

When it comes to some of the more contentious issues which go to a free vote, this could prove particularly useful.

There will be nowhere to hide any longer in a forest of hands in the City Chambers.

The voting will be displayed clearly with members in no doubt that they will have to justify their decision to their constituents.

Improving accountability and efficiency in the City Chambers can only be a good thing, and making use of the latest technology is sensible.

Now all we need is an app to cut out the hot air.

Inspirational life

Bravery comes in many forms.

Some shout about their achievements from the roof tops.

Others, like Zigfrids Sapietis, keep the most incredible heroism inside, hidden even from their own nearest and dearest.

His story told today is frankly unbelievable, reading like a Hollywood film script.

And yet many of his neighbours and former students will know nothing of his experiences during the Second World War.

It is fantastic to see that his legacy will continue through his art, and that his story and experience can continue to inspire in the future.