Comment: It made the gesture even more poignant

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There won’t be many people unaware of the ice bucket challenge by now.

From Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling to Cheryl Cole and Cristiano Ronaldo, tipping a bucket – or three – of freezing cold water over your head is definitely the craze of the 

While your Facebook timeline may be full of family, friends and work colleagues taking part, you won’t have seen many more moving films than the one we feature today.

Alan Lucas completed the challenge he had been nominated to undertake, despite learning only 20 minutes before that his brother, Paul, had died from cancer.

It made the gesture even more poignant – the message even more powerful.

Indeed it is stories like Alan’s which really bring home the reason for all this madness.

It reminds us that there are real people with very real problems that will be helped by every one of these video clips.

There may be no shortage of doubters who question how many of those taking part actually donate to charity, or even if they know why they are doing it.

But for every one of those who may simply be jumping on the bandwagon for a laugh, there will be stories like Alan’s.

People who don’t care how the message gets out there as long as it is being talked about.

People who will don a swimsuit, go into the garden and be filmed being drenched in iced water for the world to watch, even at the most difficult of times.

People like Alan Lucas.

Well done to him and to all those who have completed the challenge for charity.

It is brilliant fun for a fantastic cause, raising more awareness and more money around the world by the minute.

The fact we get to see a few celebs and politicians being drenched in the process is simply an added bonus.