Comment: It’s reassuring that common sense is used

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‘it was all my sat nav’s fault, officer, it sent me this way.” It sounds like the kind of flimsy excuse that traffic cops must have heard 100 times before.

But in the case of the West End of Edinburgh it is impossible not to have some sympathy.

Of course we all have a duty to follow the laws of the road in order to protect the safety of all road users. But there have been so many changes to the road layout there that it is difficult for motorists to keep track.

Those who drive there regularly have no excuse, but for first-time, post-roadwork visitors it is easy to make a mistake. And, even when they do, most continue to drive carefully – there does not appear to have been any glut of accidents caused by motorists taking wrong turns in the West End in recent weeks.

The ongoing police crackdown has started with a softly-softly approach, warning drivers and pointing out where they have gone wrong. It is reassuring to hear an officer involved promising that common sense will reman a touchstone in the second stage of the initiative.

When drivers are being punished it should be because they are creating a danger on the roads rather than as part of a box-ticking exercise.

Mural high ground

wARDIE Primary should be proud of its beautiful murals – golliwog and all.

Children will understand that a toy which has black skin and frizzy hair is not inherently racist. It is only in the context of history that golliwogs become so offensive to many people, and understandably so.

But why not keep the mural intact, and use it as a way to teach the next generation about the problems of the past, and how much Scotland has changed for the better? Surely that is better than whitewashing over this part of our history.